Shell Preferences of

Hermit Crabs

in Intertidal Zones

This sudy is the analysis of shell preference of hermit crabs in the intertidal zone of Station Beach, Puerto Peñasco, Mexico.

Introduction: An introduction to the study, why it is interesting and how it is relevant to previous studies done on hermit crab shells.

Materials and Methods: Exactly how, when, where who and what materials were used to complete the study. Written so that the study could be replicated in the future.

Graphs and Tables: Statistical analysis of all data found.

Results: Summary of all data found.

Discussion: A comprehensive evaluation of the results found in the study, along with follow up questions for further testing.

Background Information: Four short article summaries about past studies done on the biology of the hermit crab.

Pictures: Non-data images accompanied by captions to help explain the study.

References: Acknowledgement and citation used for resources.

Authors: Jenessa Hill & Jennifer Mordaunt| Ecology 450| Marine Discovery| Created November 20,2007| University of Arizona| Class photos