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Low elevation (zone 4) vs. Middle elevation (zone 3)
The majority of the hermit crabs were found in middle elevation zone (84% of the total of hermit crabs collected) from the total of t-1,107 hermit crabs collected. There were 179 hermit crabs collected in low elevation (16% of the hermit crabs collected). In low elevation the majority (56%; 100 shells) of the shells were from costoanachis snails. In middle elevation the majority (47%; 525 shells) of the shells were from morula and costoanachis snails. In low elevation the turban and speckled cerith species were not found under basalt. In middle elevation the tower snail species was not found under basalt rocks.

Coquina vs. Basalt
The numbers of species of snail shell were evenly distributed between the coquina and basalt, 636 of the hermit crabs collected were under basalt rocks, and 650 of the hermit crabs were found underneath the coquina.


Authors: Jenessa Hill & Jennifer Mordaunt| Ecology 450| Marine Discovery| Created November 20,2007| University of Arizona| Class photos