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Marine Discovery, ECOL 450 (

Syllabus Spring 2004

Professor: Dr. Katrina Mangin

Office: Biological Sciences East, room 107


Phone: 626-5076

Office hours: Monday 2:00 - 3:30

Graduate Teaching Assistant/ Instructor: Rebecca Prescott

Office: BSE room 6


Phone: 621-7288

Office hours: Wednesday 10-11, Thursday 10-11 or by appointment.

Workshop Coordinator: Doug Moon


Phone: 850-0304 (cell), 621-9899 (CBS 511)

Textbooks: (1) Marine Biology: An ecological approach, by James W. Nybakken. 5th edition.

(2) The Living Ocean: Understanding and Protecting Marine Biodiversity by

Boyce Thorne-Miller. 2nd edition.

(3) Classnotes: Workshop handbook

Class meetings: MW 3:30 - 4:45 PM Koffler (CBS) 511

Workshops: Tuesday through Friday, 9-12, in Koffler (CBS) 511

General Expectations: Marine Discovery is both an upper division ecology course and an outreach course. You are required to teach 3rd to 8th grade students about the marine environment during workshops, along with furthering you knowledge and understanding of marine ecosystems. Everyone must have an email account and check it for notices on workshop changes or other class announcements. Please use a spell-checker and keep an electronic copy (computer file) of your assignments for your own records. Come to workshops and lectures when scheduled and on time. Act professionally in front of the school students and teachers as representatives of the UA.

Lab practical/workshop exam: You will be given specimens to identify and written questions covering material from the Workshop Handbook and the readings from your textbook and handouts up to the practical.

Exams: There is one essay exam and one multiple choice/short answer test during the semester.

This is a writing emphasis course and you are expected to be able to write well on exams.

Field research project and 4-day, weekend field trip to Rocky Point, Mexico: There is one required field trip for the course. During that field trip you will be required to collect data in a group, turn in a written report later in the semester, and give a presentation. The field trip is February 5th to February 8th, Thursday 1:00 pm — Sunday 6 pm (see Rebecca for a Dean’s excuse if needed).

Group presentation: Required presentation on your field trip project (you will present as a group). This 20-minute presentation will be towards the end of the semester.

In-class quizzes and exercises: There will be 4 in-class quizzes worth 10 pts each. There may also be pop quizzes throughout the semester. Some classes will require that you hand in a completed assignment the next week. These assignments will be given throughout the semester.

Workshops: Each student is responsible for one workshop per week. If you miss a workshop without informing the workshop coordinator for that day with a reasonable excuse before the workshop, you will lose 35 pts.


Assignments and point breakdown



Percentage of grade


12 workshops @ 25 pts each



Workshop exam



Exam I



Exam II



Field trip

  • field trip (50 pts)
  • research paper (100 pts)
  • presentation (100 pts)



Quizzes, exercises, discussions







OPTIONAL FINAL (Can replace workshop exam, paper, exam I or Exam II)


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